MIDeC – Museo Internazionale Design Ceramico is pleased to present the second appointment of the focus project, a calendar focusing on the work of emerging Italian and foreigners, current interpreters of the ceramic practice.

A “focal lens” on the ceramics panorama of the present that on this occasion is addressed to the work, research and style of Eugenio Michelini.

In the exhibition rooms of MIDeC, Eugenio Michelini presents a retrospective of his ceramic production, the result of a practice guided by an experiential yearning, based on memory and articulated in clay.

The artist himself describes the foundations of his research in this way:

Memories and porcelain

Memories create the foundation of our personality by storing up information through our mind and senses. Every day, memories influence our current and future decisions in an inescapable way. The desire for new memories drives me to convert my old memories into objects through the use of clay. My works are therefore based on stories that tell my emotions, my experiences, or anything that has somehow attracted my curiosity.

My parents told me that once, at the age of 3, I disappeared from home for no reason. My father looked for me and called for hours, but I was too far away and too busy to answer. Finally he saw me kneeling in front of a puddle. “What are you doing here? Why didn’t you answer me? I’ve been calling you for hours.” I, in reply, showed him the mud saying, “It’s not ripe!”. Although he was furious, my answer stunned him so much that he couldn’t stop laughing. I still remember his words… “What do you want to do with the mud, an exhibition?”. From that moment on, my parents decided to buy me clay to make my toys. I was the happiest child in the world, I could play for hours completely absorbed in my passion.

After years I am still here playing with clay and my passion has become stronger than ever, becoming a pillar in my life. Clay with its plasticity gives me the freedom to explore new and old working processes, creating a multitude of possibilities through shapes and colours. The works exhibited here are a retrospective that goes from my return to Italy after completing my studies until today at the Royal College of Art.

 from 3 November 2019 to 6 January 2020

Opening: Sunday, November 3rd 2019, h. 11:30


Winter hours, from October 1st:
Friday, Saturday and Sunday 10-13 / 14-17

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